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Best Dive Site in The Red sea
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Safaga Diving Sites
Safaga Diving Sites, The One of the biggest reefs . Huge coral formations. Walls dropping to over 200m. Numerous grottos and overhangs, gorgonians and soft corals. Jack fish, Barracudas and Reef Sharks often visit the area. Even Hammerhead Sharks have been seen by early morning divers at the end of spring.

  The Firewall
Initial drop past a teeming reef wall to a sandy plateau at 10 meters then a gentle slope to 15 meters before falling away to 30 meters plus. The reef boasts a variety of coral growth and lots of schooling fish such as fusilier and goat fish as well as the ubiquitous lionfish. On the plateau are clusters of smaller coral heads that are home for anemones and clown fish, and the otherwise rare yellow mouth moray eel. Encounters with big stingrays such as feather tail rays and also eagle rays are common.

Sha'ab Christa Outer reef
with an amazing coral garden including large table and stag horn corals. Lion fish, blue spotted stingrays, Napoleon fish and moray eels are commonly encountered and schools of fusilier and banner fish add to the colorful scene. Turtles and the rare thorny sting ray can be found here, too.

Aruk Umm Laila
A group of large and many smaller coral blocks (ergs), surrounded by sea grass.
The hard corals are stunning and the smaller ergs adjacent to the main reef offer the blazing color of soft corals. Plenty of goat fish surround the main reef and schools of fusilier sweep between the Ergs. Jewel grouper, sweet lips and all kinds of butterfly fish complete the scene.

The Forbidden Reef (Sha'ab Mamnouh)
Large reef accompanied by Ergs. Next to the reef the depth is 10 meters and further out the sea bed slopes to 30 meters and is covered with bizarrely shaped coral blocks. This site is very rich in fish life, particularly schools of fusiliers, large jacks and barracuda. A group of dolphins also frequently visits this dive site.
This dive can be done as a mooring or as a drift dive and is suitable for all levels.

Sha'ab Karmi
This shallow dive site offers perfect light for the photographer. On the main reef Scorpion fish, octopus, Moray eels and Arabian angelfish are the residents. A beautiful coral garden leads to an isolated coral block that is covered with cave sweepers, sergeant majors and anthias galore.

Sha'ab Olga
The coral garden of this dive site brings to mind the Japanese gardens with their multitude of colors and shapes. Walls of hard coral with pristine stag horn and brain corals alter with small sandy valleys that are home for stingrays and giant puffer fish.

Ferry wreck " El Arish El Tor "
The Norwegian ferry went down in 2002 and came to rest on her port side. The wreck starts at 15 meters and continues down to 38 meters.Rich fish life and soft coral growth especially at the propellers and the remains of shaded seating areas on deck make his wreck equally rewarding for "wreckies" and photographers. The paraphernalia of the wreck, life jackets, fire hoses etc are still visible - none of them was needed as the ship sunk slowly at anchor - unmanned.A big school of yellow tail barracuda is resident on this wreck and Indian mackerel often hunt around it and pipefish swarm over the deck.

Sha'ab Attallah
This reef is situated on a plateau with large areas of sea grass around it.
Watch out for the big colonies of Magnificent Sea Anemones with hundreds of clown fishes. Green turtle and schools of Bat fish are some of the highlights of this dive.

Sha'ab Saiman
Hard coral reef running parallel to the shore, separated by a narrow, sandy canyon, rises from 20-30m to 2m below the surface. Large schools of snapper, goatfish, and fusiliers circle over the plateau and look out for the occasional white tip reef shark and turtle. Hard coral formations second to none in the Red Sea.

Ras Abu Soma
Fringing reef sloping gently to the drop off offers numerous quality dive sites, including the ever popular Emperor Divers House Reef. Schooling reef fish, exhibitionist octopus and resident morays, stonefish and turtles are included in the reef's attractions. Sightings of eagle rays are not uncommon and easy access from the dive centre to the water via the purpose built jetty makes this one of our most popular sites!

Tobia Arba'a
Also named the 'seven pillars' (although the Arabic name means 4!), these ergs rise from a sandy bottom and display a fascinating landscape of soft corals, glass fish and gorgonians. Giant puffer fish, blue spotted rays and octopus as well as the ubiquitous lionfish compete for attention with the local Napoleon wrasse.

Tobia Kebir
Large oblong reef with a chain of ergs stretching southwards. Emerging from a shallow sandy bottom this site offers interesting diving with schooling fish, morays and groupers and many broomtail wrasses. A dive site for all levels and interests.

Tobia Soraya South of Tobia Kebir,
run a chain of pinnacles forming a Y shape. Stingrays trigger fish and big shoals of banner fish with gorgonians and acroporas in the background are a good build up to the swim through and canyons between the ergs, which this site offers.

Gamul Soraya
Very colorful dive with hovering sweet lip shoals, banner fish and butterfly fish. Garden eels can be seen at 14m on the south side of the main reef and blue spotted sting rays and scorpion fish abound. The hard coral gardens in the shallows are stunning and the smaller ergs adjacent to the main reef offer the color of soft corals and a good chance of seeing crocodile fish.

Panorama Reef
One of the highlights of the area. Huge coral formations with walls dropping to over 200m. Numerous grottos and overhangs, gorgonians and soft corals. Jacks, barracudas and reef sharks often visit the area. Panorama is also the home of Anemone City, ranging from 14m up to 5m over 40 magnificent anemones offer homes to hundreds of feisty clownfish. A stunning spot for your safety stop! The north plateau is a stunning array of purple soft corals and a south bound current offers a thrilling drift!

Middle Reef
Northerly reef face slopes to 30m, and then plummets vertically to much greater depths. Hard coral gardens on the east and west corners with acroporas, brain and salad coral. Fun dive on the south side through the shallow labyrinth of caves, tunnels and passages. Groupers, puffers and sweet lips.

Umm Hal Hal
Two small pinnacles covered in pristine hard and soft corals rising from 20 m depth. Often strong currents so a rare treats if conditions allow.

Fellow Rocks
Two coral mountains rising from 25m to 3m below the surface. Seldom dived due to exposure to bad weather conditions on the surface and the strong currents under the water.

Abu Kafan
Possibly the best dive in Safaga, a 300m long, narrow barrier features a 'plateau' in both north and south extremes, teeming with anthias and soft corals. Superb wall diving dropping off to over 300m with overhangs covered in soft and black coral and giant gorgonians. Frequent sightings of jacks, tuna, barracuda, reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead.

Sha'ab Sheer
Wreck of Al Khafein A horse shoe shaped reef creates a shallow lagoon on its south side and hard coral gardens on both its east and west extremes. Porites, acroporas and fire coral in huge and splendid formations with schooling jack, snapper and tuna fish. Reef fish such as banner fish and butterfly fish are plentiful and the occasional larger pelagic is sighted. Since November 2005 Sha'ab Sheer has become the resting place for the wreck of the Al Khafein which drifted into the north side of the reef after a fire in the engine room caused the crew to abandon ship.

Wreck of the Salem Express
A Ferry carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca sank in 1991 after hitting the reef at night. 300 victims perished in one of the greatest marine tragedies of all time. Divers are asked to dive the wreck considerately with respect for the great loss of life and penetration of the wreck is forbidden. The propellers make an impressive sight and the covering of hard corals now colonizing the wreck show the power of the ocean to make new life out of this tragedy. Fish life is now abundant and the funnels of the wreck with large "S" and the name on the bow are clearly visible. The site is reasonably sheltered and is not exposed to strong current and can be dived at all levels from 12m to 30m.

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