Hurghada Diving Center Deep Blue Divers diving centers in hurghada, offer divers daily dives and live aboard in Hurghada and the Red sea

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Open Water Course

Open Water CourseThe most widely recognized and respected rating in the world, dive with a buddy independent. Read more!!!

Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water CourseFor divers who want to improve their skills in diving and discover new adventures in diving! Read more!!!

Dive Master Course

Dive Master CourseThe professional levels of recreational diving begins  with the Divemaster program.
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  Daily Diving Packages   Beach Dive  

Diving packages Boat diveWe offer several diving packages in Hurghada red sea, starting from our diving centers in both Calimera Beach Resort and Sunrise garden Beach Resort.
( 1 Day ) Diving = 2 Dives ( Red Sea )
( 3 Days ) Diving = 6 Dives ( Red Sea )
( 5 Days ) Diving = 10 Dives
( Red Sea )
(10 Days ) Diving = 20 Dives. ( Red Sea )


Beach DiveSome Customers don't have time to go on boat & only wish to enjoy a single dive. You can join us at the house reef accompanied by a Dive Master to guide you through your dive.
Dependant on your experience it is also possible to dive the House Reef on your own but this will need to be agreed by an Instructor or Manager.

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  Night Dive   Introduction Dive (Try) from the Boat  

Night diving is adventure diving it's spooky, interesting & also their different po-pulation of fish (Whatever is asleep in the morning is awake in the evening) also corals are creatures not plants, they look different at night with only a torch light.


Approximately 20 - 30 minutes & maximum depth 8 Meters. Instructor or Dive Master will brief you about the dive, you are required to do nothing but breath & watch the underwater environment! The guide will hold you from the back of the tank or elbow to elbow & takes you around the dive site (i.e. controls the whole dive).

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  Special Trips   Discover Snorkeling  

Trip to Abu Nuhas and dive the Ghiannis D. wreck and the Carnatic fantastic wreck, also we offer two fantastic dives on the legendary SS Thistlegorm wreck.
Both trips include 2 dives, Dive Guide, Tanks & Weights.


If you're not going to dive you can always take a boat trip with your diving partner and snorkel, it's a great chance to keep in touch with the amazing under water world of the Red Sea as you will be not just snorkeling, but snorkeling in the best dive sites of the Red Sea.

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  Scuba Tune-up   Our Typical Day  

This is a refreshment course in which an Instructor / DiveMaster accompanies the diver in the pool and the following day for 2 dives from the boat. It includes practice of basic open water skills from the Open Water Course and also includes knowledge assessment.


Our Boats leave everyday for 2 reef dives, the trip includes Daily Divers (Certified Divers), Student Divers, Introduction Divers (None Certified Customers) and also accompanying Snorkeling Customers.

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