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Our Typical Day Dives :

Our Typical Day Dives Deep Blue Divers   We meet in the morning at 8.30am at the Diving Centre. Everyone takes their own box (intro and professional) of equipment  outside the dry room, which will be taken by a member of our staff to the boat (by car).
  At 9.00am we depart. The length of the boat journey is dependent upon the dive spot, between 30 min and 1 hour. The dive spot can only be announced on the day, because it is dependent upon the wind and the experience of the divers.
  please be understanding, as safety always come first.

  A small briefing about the equipment and the diving theory (for the intro divers) , a few exercises and then you can dive, hand in hand with one of our experienced diving instructors or dive master. You will not go deeper than to 8 meters.

Our Typical Day Dives Deep Blue Divers  The family of our divers has enough time to relax, sunbath, snorkeling…

  Our staff gives you (professional diver) a detailed briefing at the dive sites and will guide you all the dive to ensure your safety.

  After arriving at the dive spot, the first dive take place. For guest who are diving with us or in the Red Sea for the first time, this will be a Check-Dive. After the first dive, lunch will be served and a break of 1 – 2 hours. Enough time also to relax, sunbath, sleep….

Our Typical Day Dives Deep Blue Divers  The second dive will take place at a different dive spot.

  Around 4.00pm we return to the Centre.

  After returning to the Dive Centre, the professional divers can add the name in the booking list for the next day and can rinse the equipment in the freshwater sinks provided.

Food and drink on board

  The meals will be cooked on board and if taken, paid for separately. The meals are simple, but good.
  Any food and drink consumed on board, must be paid for daily at the Diving Center.

Generally speaking :

  Please don`t touch the coral and the fish. Don`t feed the fish.
The picking up and taking of souvenirs (Mussels, corals, snail etc.) from the seabed is forbidden. It`s also good, if you don`t by them in the Souvenir shops. It is understandable that no rubbish should be thrown in the sea.

Safety :

  Your safety comes first and foremost. All Diving Instructors and Dive master are trained in first-aid.

  All the dive boats have a radio, first-aid box, life vests and oxygen. In order to prevent diving accidents, it is imperative, that you follow the instructions of our Diving Instructor and the safety instructions of our Diving Centre.

  To make everything safety, you have the possibility to get a member of the Diving Emergency Centre Organization ( D.E.C.O. ), placed in El Gouna.

  You can get the insurance in our Diving Centre.

  You can stay in any hotel around  Hurghada, we will pick up you from each hotel
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