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Marsa Alam Diving Sites
  Marsa Alam Diving Sites, The daily diving from our Marsa Alam Dive Centre is the perfect way to spend a diving holiday. Our sites are close by and are suitable for all levels of divers, from the beginner to the deepest Technical diver. We enjoy uncrowded sites and dive from day boats, fast RIB and shore. All sites offer great snorkeling too.

Marsa Mubarak
The largest and most versatile dive site accessible from Port Ghalib offers seven wildly different diving experiences offering the chance to see everything from puffer fishes to dugongs, giant green sea turtles to trunk fishes and everything in-between. Offering sea grass, pinnacles, coral gardens and reef walls this dive site offers a change of seeing just about all the flora and fauna the Red Sea has to offer.

Marsa Shouni Kebir
Offering some of the most picturesque dive sites in the southern Red Sea, the "Large Bay of the Market" is probably most famous for the massive variety of rays that call its sea grass plane home. Eagle, leopard, feather-tail, grey and thorny rays are all regularly spotted alongside a large school of golden trevallies and a menagerie of different snake eels. Turtles are abundant here and there is a great chance to meet "George", a giant green sea turtle who sleeps in the same spot most mornings on the South Reef.

Ras El Torfa (Abu Syel)
A protected area for mooring along the dynamic fringing reef offers three very different dives with incredible topography and stunning corals, the highlight being and enormous ball of rock and coral perched at the end of an enormous coral tongue. Its location encourages pelagic and schooling fishes in enormous schools and white tip reef sharks and even mantas have been spotted here.

Marsa Shouni Soraya
The "Small Bay of the Market" has a distinctive shape giving a variety of dive sites ideal for new and experienced divers alike as well as a sheltered lagoon where baby eagle rays have been regularly spotted. The signature table corals harbour a massive array of life and its reefs are teeming with shrimps, scorpion fishes and barracuda. The bay has a resident hawksbill turtle and dolphins are regular visitors, even a whale shark was recently spotted just outside.

Marsa Morena
The "Bay of the Moray Eel" offers several widely contrasting dives from caves to pinnacles. The unique angle of the bay encourages greater than normal water movement encouraging an abundance of life and regular eagle ray and barracuda sightings, whilst its shallow sandy plateau holds rarities like the stargazer and velvet fish as well as a wealth of soles, flounders and torpedo rays.

Abu Dabab Reefs
With a beautiful coral garden, dramatic cave system and a small wreck the Abu Dabab reef system truly has it all. Several large Napoleon wrasse patrol its reefs and some enormous moray eels guard its coral blocks. Its exposed northern reefs are abundant with fish attracting large pelagics including sharks.

Marsa Abu Dabab
A world famous selection of dive sites boasting an unbelievable number of giant turtles as well as the chance to spot Dugongs and Guitar sharks. A must for anyone visiting the southern Red Sea the bay has now closed to boats and access from the shore now offers a much more peaceful and relaxed diving experience.

A large cigar-shaped offshore reef that offers wall diving that is both exhilarating and spectacular with regular sightings of large pelagics including oceanic whitetip sharks, tuna and barracuda as well as hammerheads, napoleons and turtles; all drawn to the reef by its strong currents and abundance of fish life.

Sha'ab Samadai
A short ride by bus and boat from Port Ghalib is Sha'ab Samadai, a horseshoe shaped reef known locally as Dolphin House. Offering truly spectacular diving including the awe inspiring cathedral swim-through and a remarkable collection of hard and soft coral, anemone cities and a resident napoleon wrasse this can be a highlight of your stay. The reef is also used regularly by a pod of spinner dolphins and there can be an opportunity to snorkel with them between dives.

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